Optum Consulting - helping people

Optum Consulting, based in New York, is a business consulting and services firm that has one very clear and firm objective: to supply valuable insight, information, knowledge, and expertise to entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses and companies to take what they have and make it better – so they make more money. Often times entrepreneurs and start-ups just need simple information to get started or to move to the next level in their industry. We handle projects that range in time from a fifteen minute phone call to projects that take several months. From technology support to incorporation and business needs, we are a hands-on full service business solutions provider and thinktank that can answer any question that someone might need to take that next step, move up, and make more money.

Optum Consulting is a full service business solutions and consulting company that specializies in increasing the effectiveness and business model of any product or business. From small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies, the end result is that companies run more efficeintly and make more money. Services that Optum Consulting offers its broadbased clientele include: starting companies, corporate structure, creating successful business models, new product development and launches, marketing and advertising, ad copy writing, direct mail campaigns, print ad design and campaigns, viral and online marketing, website design, Web 2.0 integration, social networking, company and product branding, systems optimization, employee training, executive training and coaching, human resources services, employee manual design and creation, and many more. Optum Consulting, through a variety of different methods and avenues, essentially does one thing: they take what an individual or a company has and make it better. They optimize it so it becomes more profitable.